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Conwy Valley Plumbing have over 25 years industry experience and specialise in all aspects of plumbing, heating and gas installation. We are proud to provide services for both domestic homes and businesses within the Conwy Valley, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay area.

Customer service is always our top priority and as a result all of our staff are fully qualified, insured and Gas safe registered; providing you with peace of mind and the best possible results.

What our customers say about us...
  • The work was properly surveyed and organised. The job was completed to the agreed schedule and to a high quality. The estimate for carrying out the work was adhered to. Thoroughly recommended.

    Mr and Mrs Mackenzie, Conwy

  • I have used Conwy Valley on several occasions and have always received courtesy and excellent workmanship. Your help on this most recent occasion was and still is appreciated.

    R F P


Conwy Valley Plumbing

Conwy Valley Plumbing and Heating has more than 25 years of experience in the installation of plumbing, heating and gas services. In that time we have become specialists in these areas, but we are always striving to improve. We continue to adapt with the times and technologies in order to stay at the top of our game.

We are based in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno, and proudly provide our services and skills to both domestic homes and businesses alike in the Llandudno, Conwy Valley and Colwyn Bay areas, drawing on our vast knowledge and experience to carry out our work to a thorough standard.

Every single member of our staff is fully qualified, properly insured and gas safety registered and certified. We want you to feel reassured that the plumbing, heating and gas in your home or place of business is safe in our hands, because our top priority is always delivering the finest possible customer service.

Our Domestic Services

Whatever your home needs in relation to the installation or repair of plumbing, heating and gas facilities, Conwy Valley Plumbing can provide - swiftly, accurately and professionally.

Whether you have a broken or problematic boiler that needs replacing or fixing, need a new bathroom or cloakroom fully installed, we are equipped with the expertise, the experience and the tools to execute the job in a superior fashion.

Listed below are the domestic services we proudly offer:


Good plumbing is vital to the smooth running of any household.

However, the importance of your plumbing is something you may not take into consideration or even think about at all - until it goes wrong and needs repairing or replacing. In the unfortunate event that your plumbing does fail you, Conwy Valley Plumbing is here to make the issue as short and easily rectifiable as possible.

All of our plumbers have invaluable hands-on experience and are fully certified to carry out installations and repair work in household properties. We can take care of absolutely any plumbing-related work you need doing, be that in your bathroom, kitchen, utility room or en suite bathroom - it does not matter. No plumbing job is too big or too small for us. Whether a dripping tap is wasting your hard-earned money or a burst pipe is causing bigger problems, we are ready and available to take on the task.


We aim to deliver fast and effective repairs on any job we undertake. No repair job is too small (or too big) for Conwy Valley Plumbing - regardless of its size we are determined to offer you the best results at reasonable and competitive prices.


The installation of a new cloakroom or bathroom is something best done by professionals like us, who are extremely well-trained and experienced, and can therefore ensure that the job is done properly and that it meets your timescales.



The boiler is, of course, the heart of your home’s heating, and so Conwy Valley Plumbing’s team of specialists are highly adept at installing and carrying out work on a wide variety of domestic boilers from numerous manufacturers, such as Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester.

The types of boilers we can install for your home are gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and oil based. If you are unsure which type you need or which would best suit your home’s infrastructure, contact us and seek our advice - we know boilers inside and out and can even give you a free price quote.

Every homeowner experiences some sort of problem with their boiler at some point, which is not ideal for the running of the household or the comfort of its inhabitants, to put it lightly.

Nobody enjoys enduring a cold shower or entering a house that somehow seems even colder than the outside. If you are having minor or major troubles with your existing boiler, you need not worry whatsoever. By giving us a call and putting your boiler in our skilled hands, you can rest assured that the near-freezing showers and teeth-chatteringly cold living rooms will soon be but a memory.


Central Heating

Central Heating

Few feelings beat walking into a warm home after a long and arduous day. A well-heated house or flat is something everyone should have, especially in the winter months. Conwy Valley Plumbing are central heating specialists, and we have more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the work we do.

Central heating systems have, as you would imagine, advanced considerably over the years - but so have we. Adapting with the times is something we have made sure we always do, by keeping up with current trends and offering the best energy heating services and solutions out there.

As well as performing the installation of the boiler itself, we also specialise in installing and replacing radiators. Another service we can provide is the relocation or redistribution of the radiators around your home.

Many household radiators are badly positioned and are therefore not only ineffective in regards to their function, but are cost-ineffective as well. If you think this is the case with your radiator, or even several of them, contact us. We want you to make sure the heat that you are paying your hard-earned money for is getting where you need it.

Energy Efficiency

Conwy Valley Plumbing can not only offer you plumbing and heating solutions which help you save money, but we can aid you in saving the environment as well through reducing your carbon footprint.

Nowadays, many households are concerned with their carbon footprints, as they want to do their bit for the environment while also saving money in the longrun. Our energy efficient services and products can help you to do this, and we are happy to talk them all through with you.

Solar heating, underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating, air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps are a few of the energy-efficient services we can quickly deliver.

Installing, Replacing and Repairing Various Other Appliances

  • Gas fires
  • Cookers
  • Range cookers
  • Wall heaters
  • Water heaters
Energy Efficiency

Our Commercial Services

We treat the jobs we do for commercial properties with the same sense of urgency and conscientiousness that we do with domestic jobs. It is important that your staff and your customers have appropriate toilet and kitchen facilities. Workplace bathroom facilities and kitchens are no less important to us than the same such facilities we service in people’s homes.

Please get in touch with us in order to find out how we can improve the plumbing and heating in your office or commercial space.

Bathroom Services

As well as the full installation and repair of bathroom plumbing systems, Conwy Valley Plumbing can also offer a number of other supplementary bathroom services, which are listed and explained below.


Any plastering work you need doing, we can take full and expert care of - whether that is an entire re-plastering of your existing bathroom, or the plastering of an entirely new and never-before-plastered room.


There are certain areas of your bathroom which will require tiling in order to make sure the walls are not damaged by water. Our tiling experts are true craftsmen and are able to complete the ideal design. Whether you need a small or a considerable amount of tiling, our team of craftsmen will work with you to develop something that perfectly suits your needs.


We can install all manner of furniture, cabinets and shelves, which will render your bathroom not only fully functional but highly pleasing to the eye, too.

Working around your existing plumbing is not an issue whatsoever, as we can adapt to any situation and will try to provide a solution to any problem. It would be fair to say that we have learned a thing or two during our quarter-century in the trade and - in a sense - have seen it all before!


Installing electrical facilities in bathrooms is a fairly straightforward job for us, but we take particular care because it is, of course, so crucial in regards to regulations. We always ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the law, as well as standing by health and safety.

Solar Heating, Under-Floor Heating, Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Environmental-friendliness is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Many people are quite rightly starting to do their bit to help save the planet where they can. For this reason our specialists in solar heating can offer you numerous options. We would also like to save you money, and so one of our underfloor heating systems could be great for your home - they can maximise space in your home as they eliminate the need for radiators.

If you would like any more information on solar heating or under-floor heating, give us a call and we can talk you through either (or both).

Our Ethos

Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, we are determined to continuously deliver the finest plumbing and heating services in North Wales, year upon year. We will do everything in our power to make sure that continues to happen.

We are ready and able take on any job of any size and complete it to a truly impeccable standard. This is made possible by our wonderful team of skilled and committed workers, who have an enormous amount of experience between them, not to mention exemplary motivation and drive.

Conwy Valley Plumbing is all about customer satisfaction, and thus we are only happy if you are. We believe that by focusing on providing exceptional customer service and carrying out our work with the utmost level of craftsmanship, we can produce the very best results.

To find out more about our services, or to have a chat about what we could do for you, simply call us on 01492 554 000 or email us on