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Bathroom Plumbing

In your home, every room has its own unique design and style. Your bathroom is no exception. It can be easy to overlook your bathroom, but it is just as important as any other room when you are trying to create the right atmosphere. From water systems, baths, toilets and sinks, Conwy Valley – in Llandudno – has bespoke designs that are always carefully planned out so that you get the exact design you want.

When we design your bathroom, we make sure that everything is tailored in the exact way you picture it. It doesn’t matter if you want a bathroom that has a modern, contemporary or even a minimalist style. You could choose one of the most simple designs with only neutral colours, or you can spruce your space out with a funky barrage of colours. With personalised bathroom fittings, you can turn your bathroom into one of the most personal and exciting parts of your home.

Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, we specialise in providing some of the best plumbing services that are available on the market. We utilise our bespoke designs and valuable knowledge along with our superb range of products – ensuring that you get the best bathroom to suit your individual needs.

It doesn’t matter exactly what it is you need to be plumbed in, it could range from bathroom sink plumbing, bath plumbing or toilet plumbing, we are always here to help. We ensure that all our plumbers are specialists in their field of work. Our team will arrange a time and a date to visit your home, using their expertise to assess and measure whatever work needs done before expertly getting the job done.

Bathroom Installations


It doesn’t matter if your bathroom needs a full installation, or there are only a few minor changes that you want, either way we provide numerous services which work towards turning your bathroom into your specific design. Whether it be an upgrade or a full refit, give us a call so that we can sort out the perfect bathroom design for you. We make sure that we communicate with you to complete the best work possible that is ideal for you and your family.


If you’re having a new bathroom built, then you will need plastering over the existing brickwork. If you already have a plastered wall, it may require some work. Plaster provides a solid, seamless surface. Plaster designs are incredibly flexible, allowing any curves or arches that your bathroom may require.

Plaster is a very durable material. By plastering a wall, it creates a strong surface. The excellent abrasion resistance means that it won’t need much maintenance. Plaster won’t disintegrate if it’s exposed to a small leak, making it an invaluable material for a bathroom. Plaster also eliminates any irregularities that may be in the wall, such as board joints or protruding nails. Plaster creates a safe environment for anybody that uses the bathroom. Plaster is also incredibly cheap to buy. It’s possible to buy plaster in large bulk without breaking the bank.

There is always dust created during the plastering process and safety is one of our top priorities. Children and pets should be restricted from the work area, not only for their safety, but also so that any work doesn’t get damaged while its in one of the more fragile stages. We also ensure that we prevent any dust from infiltrating its way throughout the rest of the house.

If we are repairing any previous water damage, it is important that any leaks that we are causing are fixed. We make sure to tell you of any additional work is required other than the plastering.

Depending on where the specific wall is situated, it may be important to tile over the plaster. This can be especially useful if the wall is where a shower is going to be. Some people think that you can use water proof paint to secure the wall. Generally, these paints are only water resistant. Tile is a more reliable option than water resistant paint, although depending on how your layout is, these two can then work side by side.


This is possibly one of the most important part of any project. If water and electricity mix together, the effect can be deadly. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in a house when it comes to electrical safety. An electric shock in a bathroom is far more severe than it would be in any other room. Wet skin reduces the bodies resistance to electricity.

If an electrical device short circuits due to contact with water, it can cause damage to various electrical devices in the room. Fuses can blow, which sometimes require replacing for a price. It’s always better to not have any unnecessary electrical devices so that you can avoid danger that electricity and water can create.

There are special requirements for electrical installations as the majority of electrical work has to comply with Part P of any building regulations.

Electrical sockets are not allowed in bathrooms or shower rooms unless they can be fitted at least three metres from the shower or bath. The only exceptions are shaver supply units. Electrical shaver points must be a safe distance from the bath or shower so to avoid any splashes of water.

Enclosed lights are a much safer choice than ones that hang down. If a light fitting is not enclosed then it should always be out of reach from someone who is either using, or wet from using the bath or shower. Light switches are a danger because of both dampness and wet hands. The switch should either be outside of the room or be activated by a ceiling mounted pull cord.

Central heating is one of the safest ways to keep a bathroom warm but we do understand that sometimes people prefer to have a heater and/or towel rail. An electric heater must be at a safe distance from the bath or shower.

Any electric and gas water heaters situated in the bathroom must be fixed and permanently wired. The only exception is when they are powered by a socket that is fitted at least three metres from a bath or shower. Again, a pull cord or a switch outside the bathroom is the ideal way to control an electric heater.

Any electric showers must be supplied by its own circuit which feeds directly from your fuse box.

It’s vitally important to note that you should never bring mains powered appliances such as hair dryers, heaters or radios into a bathroom. These devices are not made to run when com It is entirely possible to be severely injured or even killed.


Space is something that concerns a lot of people when it comes to bathrooms. With different products and accessories that are available on the market, its key to have somewhere to store them so that your bathroom doesn’t become cluttered.

Our team of joiners can create the perfect cabinets that are tailor made to fit perfectly in whatever space you have. They can be especially made to blend into the background of your bathroom so it doesn’t look like you have a cabinet there at all! A lot of additional storage can be designed so that it has multiple purposes. A standard cabinet situated above a sink can have a mirror built into it, making it so that you can make sure you look your best as you get ready for whatever the day has in store for you. There are different materials that suit different styles of bathroom. We make sure that we have a full understanding of what your design is before we start to add extra storage space. We also sit down with you to go through the various materials that are on offer.

The options are almost endless. You can choose from stools, wall mountings, shelving units and cabinets that can all be designed to the exact specifications you have in mind. We pride ourselves on taking on any design we receive. If it’s only an idea, call us today and we can give you a quote.


The bathroom is one the most popular rooms in a home where you can expect to find tiles. This is mainly due to the hygienic and water resistant qualities they have when compared to carpets, wallpaper and the majority of paints. Tiles can also add potential value to a bathroom, as well as offering some unique finishes which can’t be matched by any other material.

Bathrooms can easily accommodate multiple types of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, travertine or slate. It all comes down to personal preference and style that you want to achieve.

It’s key that your bathroom is a place of hygiene, which is one of the qualities that tiles can certainly offer. Tiles bring a fresh appearance, and the surfaces are very easy to wipe clean.

Tiles are some of the most waterproof things you can have in a bathroom area. You find tiles in areas where a bath or shower is situated. The wall area is also waterproofed to avoid any water damage that may occur behind the wall.

By carefully choosing tiles, you can make a small bathroom look bigger. Brighter coloured tiles reflect light more than darker colours, giving it an airy and spacious feel to your bathroom. You could also use the same colour wall tiles as the floor to provide a spacious effect.

Something worth considering is using natural stone tiles such as travertine, slate or marble. These stones create a much more natural feel than a standard tile would. These stones can create some absolutely amazing effects. Over the years, natural stone tiles have a sudden surge in popularity. Because of this, it’s entirely possible to purchase ceramic tiles with designs that replicate natural stone.

A lot of people ask if tiles will make the floor cold. Tiles actually retain heat, so you shouldn’t feel any cold on your feet. It can depend on the surface that is underneath the tiles. Tiling onto wood can create a warmer feel than tiles that are placed on top of concrete.

Undertile heating is a popular solution to warming floors as well as entire rooms. There are numerous benefits to undertile heating such as low running costs, more wall space due to not needing radiators, they are generally a more efficient way of heating a room. They are also a very appealing feature during winter seasons when it is particularly frosty in the morning.

Our promise

Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, we have over 25 years experience in plumbing, heating and gas fittings. We offer a wide range of plumbing services for both domestic and commercial sectors. We ensure that we only offer the best customer service. All of our team members are fully qualified, insured and gas safe registered.

If you have any general inquires then you can contact us for free, no obligation advice. We discuss your plumbing, heating or gas fitting requirements. Simply call us on 01492 554 000.

We make sure we specialise in boiler repairs and installations, full bathroom installations and general plumbing work. We always get the job completed on time, and within budget. Any work is only started once all the planning has been laid out and discussed in detail with you.

We pride ourselves on providing a full service for your bathroom, there is no need to find another tradesman. We cover all the aspects that are required throughout the project. It can range from tiling your bathroom, to fitting a new window. We can handle the job from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter what sort of house you have. We will ensure that your home will have the exact sort of style that you want. From installing baths to toilets, to drains and sinks, we can install all sorts of bespoke designs that you need. We enjoy working with original designs, as well as refitting existing bathrooms. We make sure to sit down and go through your exact designs so that we can create an atmosphere that you can be proud of.

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