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Boiler Installation

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Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, in Llandudno, one of our many areas of expertise is boiler installation. If you need a boiler installing or require assistance with the process in any way whatsoever, we are on hand to help. As with all things to do with plumbing, we have a wealth of experience in boiler installation and believe that we are the best at what we do.

In addition to our ability to quickly and skilfully install boilers, we can also carry out numerous repair jobs, as over time we have gained a lot of experience in this area too. The types of boilers we can work with are gas boilers, LPG gas boilers and oil fired boilers – we specialise in the repair and installation of these.

Because of our vast knowledge and our highly trained staff, we can carry out pretty much any boiler installation, and we promise you can trust us to complete the job with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability.

We recognise how difficult it can be to find an affordable quote for a boiler installation, but with us you needn’t worry – we will do the job at impressive speed whilst also ensuring that it is done properly. We are also proud to say that the rates we charge are extremely affordable and reasonable – offering a great service to our customers at a fair price is something we are very insistent on here at Conwy Valley Plumbing.

We get quickly to work on the installation of your boiler and get it in place in no time at all, so that you are inconvenienced as little as humanly possible. We are all of course homeowners ourselves and understand just how frustrating it can be when you’re in between boilers – or when any vital plumbing work needs doing, for that matter.

If you need advice on picking the right boiler to begin with, we can offer you a great deal of help and guidance in that matter. When you pick your boiler you need to take into consideration whether it will be right for your house – as in, whether it will be both cost and energy efficient for you. There’s no point picking a boiler that is more advanced than you need, just as there is no point in picking one which isn’t up to the task of heating your home.

By making an assessment on your home, we can ascertain exactly what kind of boiler your house will need and also how big it needs to be to suit your needs and provide you with cost effective heating. We feel it is very important to offer our customers impartial and unbiased advice which is tailored exactly to their needs, because that is the only way you can truly ensure customer satisfaction.

We will also consider and make note of what shape your boiler needs to be, as not every boiler cupboard is the same! There are a wide range of boiler shapes and sizes available out there, so finding the right one for your home shouldn’t be a problem given our advice and guidance.

The price quotes we give you for your boiler installation are also completely free of charge – so you don’t have to worry whatsoever about putting your hand in your pocket before your installation is even booked! Again, this goes back to our commitment to providing our customers with a fair and friendly service. We are sure our highly reasonable price quote will be agreeable with you anyway, but nonetheless our price quotes are on the house!

There are more than 2.5 millions households in the United Kingdom which could possibly be eligible for a free boiler replacement, so it’s definitely worth checking now whether you are one such household. If you are, you will not have to pay anything for the installation of a brand new boiler, which sounds like a good deal to us!

Boiler Repairs

Boiler repairs

If you have an existing boiler which needs repairing, we are more than capable of taking on the task here at Conwy Valley Plumbing. We understand just how important a reliable boiler is to any household anywhere. A trustworthy water and heating system is something every home needs, no matter what the time of year. Especially in the depths of winter, a reliable boiler is essential to the smooth running of any household – there is absolutely nothing worse than stepping into a freezing cold shower on a teeth-chattering January morning, and coming home to a cold house in which you can see your own breath isn’t much better.

When an unreliable boiler finally breaks down, one of the immediate thoughts which comes to mind is how much it will cost you to put right. However, with Conwy Valley Plumbing at hand, you need not fret whatsoever – we can offer you a great price quote and can get to work right away!

A broken boiler can cause mayhem in a family household – the non-fun kind! It’s understandably an extremely stressful time and we aim to make that time as short and as bearable as possible for all of the family.

For this reason, we at Conwy Valley Plumbing make it our mission to provide you with expert advice and a lightning quick service, so that your house’s heating system is back up and running as quickly as possible. With the help of us, you won’t have to wait very long at all to return back to the comfort you have come to expect in your own home. You will once again be able to walk into warm showers and invitingly cosy living rooms.

As homeowners ourselves we understand exactly how unbearable it is to have problems like a broken boiler, which means that we are extremely sympathetic and therefore aim to complete our work extra quickly yet with extra care, so that you don’t experience the same problems again!

The types of boilers we work with

Gas boilers

Gas boilers have been the trusted standard format for years. This is because they can be extremely efficient as well as providing homes with superbly comforting heating. Gas boilers can be very cost effective if you use them correctly – that is, if you set your timers at the right times so that your heating is on at the right times of day, so that you are never cold in your own home.

The two main types of gas boilers used in the United Kingdom to heat homes are natural gas ones and LPG ones, and both basically work by the burning of fuel to heat water – which powers your radiators and comes out of your taps and shower heads.

It is essentially up to you which of the many different gas boilers you choose from, but here at Conwy Valley Plumbing we are always here to offer you any advice or guidance in this area. We will assess your home to figure out exactly which type of boiler would suit your home best, and which will be the most cost effective. Heating can be very expensive, so it is important that you end up with the boiler that is right for you, so that you are not unnecessarily paying for heating you are not using.

As a gas boiler does not require a cold water expansion tank, it can save a great deal of space for you. This set-up is especially suitable for homes which have more than one bathroom, because gas boilers contain hot water storage cylinders. As most households from time to time need hot water in two different parts of the house at one time, gas boilers would be the ideal solution. This is especially the case for larger homes or ones with numerous occupants, as it means that hot water will be available all the time to whoever needs it.

LPG gas boilers

LPG stands for ‘liquefied petroleum gas’, and it is an off-mains alternative to natural gas. Said to produce less harmful emissions than natural gas, LPG is becoming increasingly popular in the modern age, as many homeowners are now looking to do their bit for the environment. LPG is said to be ‘cleaner’ as it produces a much smaller amount of CO2 and does not contain much nitrogen or other such polluting substances.

LPG boilers also take up a minimal amount of space in comparison to their natural gas cousins, and also typically require much less maintenance as well. LPG is therefore a brilliant option for anyone who wants a care-free and more environmentally sound form of gas boiler.

The heat provided by LPG boilers arrives instantly, as the process is much quicker, which is another reason why it is become one of the most popular boiler choices available on the market.

Oil fired boilers

Given that there are an estimated four million households in the UK which are not part of the gas network, it is clear that oil fired boilers are also an extremely popular option amongst many of the UK’s homeowners.

An oil fired boiler works very similarly to gas boilers in that it converts the fuel into hot water, which can then be distributed throughout your home – to your radiators, through your taps and through your shower head.

The difference is that your oil supply is delivered to you and stored in your oil tank, and so many believe it to be more efficient than gas. The key to making sure you get a good level of cost efficiency out of your oil fired boiler is making sure you use the timer correctly and make sure you only use your boiler at time which will be advantageous to you and your household (this also goes for all the other types of boilers).

Domestic and Commercial Boilers

Domestic and commercial


Most of the boiler installation and repair jobs we do for our customers are in the home. We can give honest and impartial advice to anyone looking to get a boiler installed in their home, and we will take everything into consideration so that we suggest the boiler which will be most suitable.

We can offer an all-encompassing care package for your boiler, no matter whether it is powered by natural gas, LPG or oil. We strive to deliver fantastic service to our customers after the installation, and can quickly and effectively complete any repair work or adjustments which need to be made.

When we come to check your boiler – whether it was installed by us or not – we will inspect it thoroughly in order to make sure that it is working to a good standard and will continue to do so. During this inspection we will look for leaks and corrosion and will also check the gas pressure, and if necessary we will remove the boiler’s casing to take a closer look at its components. If there are any repairs which need to be done on the boiler, we will complete them quickly so that you can continue to enjoy a trouble-free and comfortable home life.


As well as carry out installations and repairs on all manner of boilers in domestic properties, we can also do the same in commercial environments. Just as with the home, many businesses rely on hot water and heating to go about their everyday activities and ensure the comfort of their staff and customers.

We have carried out boiler repairs at offices, schools and such other commercial properties across the United Kingdom, and have a great deal of experience in dealing with commercial boilers. Just as with our domestic boiler repairs, we aim to carry these out as quickly and thoroughly as possible, so that you can quickly go back to enjoying the comfort you have come to rely on.

Why you should choose Conwy Valley Plumbing

Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our customer-focused ethos and believe it is what sets us apart from our competitors. We aim to carry out all boiler installations – whether in domestic or commercial properties – with a great level of accuracy and attention to detail. If you would like to know more about our boiler installations, please get in touch with us by phone or by email today!

* dependent on subject to criteria being met.


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