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Do You Qualify For A FREE Boiler? old

One of the most important installations in any property is the boiler. It provides warm water which can be used for heating the building, a process which is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to the winter months. Something that worries a lot of people is how much installing or replacing one can cost, but in certain circumstances you may not have to pay.

This is part of a fairly new Government scheme that has been introduced which is known as the Energy Companies Obligation, or ECO for short.

As well as the chance to have a free boiler installed into your property Government has set up grant funding which is available for different energy saving upgrades, This can range from loft insulation to double glazing.

One of the reasons the government is doing this is due to the greenhouse gas emission reduction target that was set with the 2008 Climate Change Act. It was the world’s very first legally binding climate change target, and it set the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 80% (when compared to the 1990 baseline), by the year 2050.


Installing a new energy efficient boiler or replacing an old model could save you about £2500 in installation costs, but you could make a saving of near £300 per year when it comes to your gas and fuel bills. The higher the efficiency of a boiler is, the cheaper it can be to heat your property.

If you also embrace home insulation upgrades then you can keep more of the heat in your home. This combines to provide higher annual savings and a reduction in heating and gas bills.

Free boiler eligibility

One of the main ways you can be eligible for a free boiler is through the Government backed Energy Companies Obligation. ECO grants exists for specific reasons:

Free boilers are currently available in England, Wales and Scotland. This is as long as you own your very own home or you’re a tenant that lives in a privately rented property with your landlord’s permission. You have to be in receipt of at least one of these benefits:

In the case that you receive Income Related Employment Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance, there must be an extra condition:

In the case that you’re in receipt of a Working Tax Credit, one of these must follow:

Frequently asked questions

If I qualify for a boiler grant, is it completely free?

As long as you qualify for a boiler grant then there is no payment required. This even covers the supply and installation of your new boiler, so you have nothing to worry about.

What type of boiler will I have?

At the moment the boiler grants only cover gas boiler replacements. It will be replaced with a brand new boiler that will always be a Grade A condensing boiler, as these are the most energy efficient boilers you can find on the market.

How do I apply for a boiler grant?

Normally you would have to apply to the Government directly so they can figure out if you are eligible or not for this type of grant. Thankfully, here at Conwy Valley Plumbing we are able to assist you with every aspect of application.

Once an application has been sent out a qualified Home Energy Assessor will visit you at your home to carry out a survey that confirms your eligibility. When the survey has been carried out then a date will be booked for your boiler to be installed on a day that’s best suited for you.

How long does it take until they install the new boiler?

Usually your boiler will be installed within three to four weeks from when you fill out the survey. This can change depending on your situation and a time that best suits you, so this time can be longer if that’s what is best for you.

If I take out a free boiler grant, am I still able to qualify for additional energy grants?

Yes, just because you are able to have a free boiler grant doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to apply for other grants. As long as you meet the criteria the specific grant sets then you are fine to apply and have it carried out on your property.

One of the main things we ensure is that your needs are catered for, and we do this by spending the time with you ensuring everything is covered. Depending on what your situation is some services may be available whereas other may not, so we can explain what is available for you.

If you have any questions get in contact today.

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