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Gas Central Heating old

Gas Central Heating

No matter what kind of property it is you live in, the heating system you have is possibly one of the most important things. There are so many different heating systems to choose from, and they can have a huge effect on your home and how economical it is. Gas central heating is one of the most popular choices.

It’s important that you have a full understanding of how different heating systems work, as it’s a decision that will affect you for many years. It may be that you want to replace faulty boiler, or you simply want to improve how your building heats, here at Conwy Valley Plumbing we can assist you with the highest in quality of service.

Gas central heating and how it works

The majority of homes in the UK are heated by the use of gas central heating. This form of heating is known as a “wet system”, which means that a gas fired boiler works to heat water, providing the central heating that will run through your radiators and taps in a property.

The boiler is normally located in the basement or separate room in a building, as they are the safest way to store them. Generally, you have the choice of three central heating options:

All of these methods will be suitable for heating up a home, but there are different costs, installation methods and maintenance.

Gas Central Heating and the Environment

Gas central heating and eco friendliness

When compared to oil central heating, gas central will produce considerably less carbon emissions. This makes it both eco-friendly and clean. If you choose gas central heating, it simply emits carbon dioxide and water. It doesn’t require regular maintenance as you do with other systems. You no longer have to clean the heater or chimney, saving you a lot of time and money. To be on the safe side, it’s necessary to have a yearly boiler check by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

If you were to choose oil heating, sulfur deposits are produced which means that you would have to hire a specialist to clean it on a yearly basis. This can end up costing a lot of money in the long term.

One of the major benefits of gas central heating is that you don’t need a large tank for oil. If you were to have one, there is a chance it could leak, resulting in the poisoning of the groundwater. Gas is a lot safer and convenient, simply running through a pipe.

Gas Central Heating Costs

Gas central heating and costs

Whilst there may be the odd exception in areas that don’t have gas main connections, gas central heating can generally be cheaper than both oil or electric powered heating methods.

If you were to choose an oil central heating system, it would require a special heating furnace that would burn the oil properly and efficiently, as well as an oil tank that supplies the furnace with the appropriate oil. These tanks are normally installed outside or in a basement. If you don’t want it to be visible, it can cost more money to have it buried.

Thankfully, gas central heating is a lot simpler. It only requires a gas heating furnace that are normally much cheaper than the oil version. A gas heating installation is a lot more accommodating for a wide range of properties, whereas oil can have a few problems.

Gas central heating and convenience

When looking at all the maintenance and installation considerations, it’s easy to see how fas central heating is one of the best choices for the majority of properties. A lot of different heating methods are nowhere near as convenient, with some not even allowing you to have a furnace.

Compared to these other heating methods, gas central is definitely a lot more flexible, and it’s available pretty much everywhere. If you happen to live in an area that doesn’t have heating gas through a pipe, which can happen if you live in a rural area, propane is an option you can rely on.

A lot of people get worried when it comes to storing fuel in their home. It’s understandable. Different fuels need to be stored in specific conditions, and you may be worried about the dangers the specific fuel can cause. The gas is piped directly through your property, so there is no need to store the fuel. It gives you less things to worry about.

If you have a boiler and you want to upgrade it with something that is more modern, than the actual process is generally straightforward for us. We can easily replace your old boiler with a new in with a top quality service that you can be proud of.

Conwy Valley plumbing and you

We have well over 25 years of experience in the plumbing, gas fitting and heating sector. We have a wide variety of plumbing and services that are available for both the domestic and commercial sectors. It doesn’t matter what type of property you have, we can do the majority of services for you.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is offering the best customer service possible. Our expert team of staff are able to work alongside you so that any installation you have is done as effectively, without compensating on the quality. Everyone here is fully qualified, insured, and Gas Safe registered. Why would you consider anybody else?

We have a clear understanding of just how important central heating is for a building. The decision you make now can affect you a number of years down the line. Don’t leave it up to chance, contact us for a FREE no obligation advice. No matter what the problem is, we can help.

Gas central heating may be the best option for you. It’s an effective way of having hot water and efficient heating in your home. It doesn’t matter what the installation is, whether be a boiler upgrade or a completely new one, we will provide you with a top quality service you can be proud of.

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