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Condensing boilers old

There are a number of ways you are able to heat up your property, whether it be conventional or unconventional. One of the common items you can find to heat up a home is a condensing boiler, with it now being illegal under British law to install anything other than a high efficiency condensing boiler unless there’s a unique circumstance.

It’s easy to see why they are seen in so many homes all over the UK and Wales, as the improved efficiency allows you to make the most of the fuel you’re actually burning. Some houses come with older condensing boilers that aren’t so efficient, although they can be replaced to improve your heating systems and reduce energy bills.

How do condensing boilers work?

When choosing a condensing boiler, make sure you choose one that is as efficient as possible. It can allow you to have greener household as you make much better use of the heat that is generated, whether it be from the use of either oil or gas.

If the boiler is heat only, some of the heat is wasted from the way hot gases are released. This is one of the main reasons condensing boilers were put into production. These boilers have been designed to capture a portion of the heat that is found in these gases and it’s then used to heat the water used in your central heating system.

One of the reasons this heating option is so popular is because of the way it uses less heat from the burner, making it much more efficient.

What are the major benefits of condensing boilers?

Ease of use

When you use a condensing boiler, you have the advantage of an on/off temperature switch, meaning that you can increase how energy efficient you are. The majority of condensing boilers have a system which allows you to set a time period when it will be on and off, which is useful if you’re working all day and want to return to a warm home.

A reduction in carbon emissions

A common myth about condensing boilers is that they’re only efficient when fully condensing. It’s not true, and thanks to its large heat exchanger it doesn’t need to condense to be fully efficient. A study showed that an estimation of 16% of the worlds annual CO2 emissions actually comes from non condensing boilers. This is one of the main reasons that condensing boilers have become so popular.

If you were to choose a condensing boiler, it’s possible to save anywhere upto 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide that your home would have produced and escaped into the earths atmosphere.

Regulations ensure that condensing boilers are of the highest quality

When it comes to having a new boiler installed, something a lot of people worry about is ensuring that it’s of the best quality. Thankfully there have been regulations stated which legally have to be adhered to, ensuring that you have an energy efficient condensing boiler every time.

There are new regulations that have been included as well, but these are the three main aspects that affects you and the quality of the condensing boiler you have.

Condensing boilers have a long lifespan

The very first models of condensing boilers had a tendency to erode, but that issue was quickly solved. As part of a legal requirement, a heat exchanger is included with every condensing boiler which is made with non-ferrous metal. The expected lifespan is around 10 to 15 years as long as it’s serviced properly, which is a longer time period than the majority of boilers.

Condensing boiler technology

As condensing boilers are popular and included in the majority of homes, a lot of time and money has been invested into this type of boiler. You can expect high levels of technology, and any bugs that were first discovered have now thankfully been ironed out.

Modern design

An extra large heat exchanger, or even a double heat exchanger is completely unique to condensing boilers. This maximises the overall heat which will be transferred from the burner in your boiler, which saves a considerable amount of energy. The heat transfer technology that’s in condensing boilers traps and also recovers heat which would normally be lost in the flue with non condensing boilers.

Size choices

Due to condensing boilers being purposely designed for modern times, as well as the number of materials that can be used, there’s a large variety of shapes and sizes that will be able to satisfy the wants and needs of every person. Compared to an old and clunky boiler, a condensing boiler is sleek and able to fit into the majority of convenient spaces, even the size of a normal kitchen cupboard.

Conwy Valley Plumbing and your condensing boiler needs

One of the biggest aims we have at Conwy Valley Plumbing is ensuring that as many people are as energy efficient as possible. Utilising a condensing boiler can be a brilliant choice for any property, and you’ll be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on the energy you use and save.

All of our staff members are trained to the highest standard allowing us to provide you a top quality service that you can be proud of. If you have any questions and queries about the services we can provide, or the condensing boilers we have available, please get in contact today.

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