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Barclays Partner Finance

Barclays Partner Finance

Conwy Valley Plumbing, in Llandudno, is pleased to be working in partnership with Barclays and can now offer our clients finance through a range of home improvement loan accounts. Barclays Partner Finance is one of the UKs largest providers of point-of-sale finance and has carried out a detailed audit on Conwy Valley; Barclays are confident that we are the right kind of company to be in partnership with. Conwy Valley holds a Consumer Credit License Number 654551 and is registered with the Office of Fair Trading and Financial Conduct Authority.

Our finance options offer our customers the ability to enjoy our excellent products and services on finance, where applicable.

At Conwy Valley Plumbing, we always ensure we stand by the following:

S Security
A Affordability
F Flexible
E Easy

Understanding your options:

Our Home Improvement Loan offers you the ideal way to fund your home improvement project. Designed with flexibility in mind, you have a number of options along the way.

You’re in safe hands:

Other than a small deposit, you’ve nothing to pay until after the installation and your purchase has been completed to your satisfaction. For extra ‘Peace of Mind’ you are protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 with certain rights, in the unlikely event that a problem should occur and you’re not satisfied.

You’re in control:

Your Home Improvement Loan lets you spread the cost of your purchase, providing a repayment plan that suits your budget and keeps your savings intact. We need you to make the minimum payment throughout the term of the agreement – but you can choose to make additional payments to clear your loan early.

Interest is calculated daily on your outstanding balance. This means that you’re in control of the term of your loan and the total interest payable. Additional payments will reduce the term and therefore, the amount of interest paid.

You can settle your account at any time, should you wish to settle early Barclays will be able to calculate your settlement figure. Paying off your loan early means that you will only pay part of the interest you would have paid if the loan has run its full term.

Next Steps:

Once you’ve decided the product and services that best suit your home improvement project needs, you’ll be guided through a straightforward credit application form.

What happens now?

Once the credit application form has been completed, it will be submitted to Barclays Partner Finance. If your application is successful, your Loan Agreement will be completed for you to read carefully and sign. You will have a short period during which you may withdraw from this Agreement, please check your Terms for details. Once signed, your Loan Agreement will be sent to Barclays Partner Finance.

On installation you will be asked to confirm you are satisfied with the work completed. You will be asked to sign a satisfaction note confirming your agreement that Barclays Partner Finance can pay Conwy Valley on your behalf.

Barclays will write to you to tell you when your account is live and will confirm your account number, and details of your Direct Debit payment.

Ways to Pay:

Your monthly repayment must be made by Direct Debit. However additional payments may be made in the following ways:

  • Debit/Credit card: call 0844 811 9000 to make a payment using Barclays automated telephone service. If you choose to pay by credit card, there will be a fee of 1.5% of the total amount charged.
  • Telephone/Internet Banking: you can pay directly from your bank account using telephone or internet banking. You will need to use Barclays sort code: 20-19-90, bank account number: 70185604 and your 16 digit Home Improvement Loan account number as the reference.
  • Cheque: please make cheque/s payable to Barclays Partner Finance. Please write your 16 digit Home Improvement Loan account number on the reverse so that we know that it is to be paid into your account. Send it to Barclays Partner Finance, P O Box 2501, Cardiff, CF23 0FP.

Barclays Partner Finance ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (BNPL) Account:

As the name suggest, you can purchase your dream home improvement now and pay nothing for 12 months from the installation; a popular way to make larger purchases affordable. You can then pay the amount in full or by monthly repayments. You will pay back the ‘Amount of Credit’ with a £70 exit fee with no other charges or interest for example, you borrow £10,000 and pay back £10,070.

However, if you do not pay back the amount with the 12 months then you begin to make payments by Direct Debit over 120 months at a deferred interest rate of 19.9% APR.

You have ‘Peace of Mind’ as Barclays Funding Options are protected by the Consumer Credit Act meaning your Deposit and Guarantee are safeguarded.

The payment date is shown on the Credit Agreement and Barclays Partner Finance will also post a reminder letter to you before this due date.

Barclays Partner Finance ‘Interest Free’ Account:

With this facility you have 24 or 36 months from installation in which to pay back the ‘Amount of Credit’ with no fees or interest.

You can simply take the cash price less any deposit and divide by 24 or 36 to calculate your monthly payment.

Should you wish to settle at any time you can do so without penalty.

You have extra ‘Peace of Mind’ as Barclays Funding Options are protected by the Consumer Credit Act meaning your Deposit and Guarantee are safeguarded.

The first payment begins approximately one month after satisfactory installation.

Barclays Partner Finance Low Rate Flexible Account 0.79% per month:

This account is ideal for clients looking for flexibility to set up a loan account over a longer term. The loan period is set at a maximum of 10 years however you also have the facility to make extra payments as and when you please. Additional payments allow you to reduce the repayment time of your account and the interest you would otherwise pay.

Should you decide to pay your account in full before the end of the loan period there is a nominal settlement fee of 2 months interest on the outstanding balance. We would recommend that you contact Barclays directly at this point to obtain your settlement figure first. You are in control so the choice is yours to settle at any time – you retain the freedom of choice.

Barclays Partner Finance 5.9% APR ‘Bank Buster’ (0.48% PER Month):

We are pleased to be able to offer a very competitive rate on our ‘Bank Buster’ which is a better deal than most high street lenders can offer you today.

You can choose to make payments to over pay the monthly amount, reducing not only the length of loan but also reducing the interest charges.

Not only does this finance offer you complete flexibility but it also gives you protection and reassurance that your money is safe – complete Peace of Mind.

‘Bank Buster’ – The UKs lowest loan rate in the home improvement market.

The above examples are for illustration purpose only. These documents are not intended to be a credit quotation. Full written details are available upon request. This is not an offer of credit as all credit is subject to status.


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