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Power Showers

In the majority of bathrooms, you’ll normally find a shower. This is because its an important part of daily life, as well as a person’s lifestyle. As with any of our products, there is a wide variety of showers that you are able to choose from, but for now we’ll focus on power showers.

When choosing a shower for your property, there are a good few options you should consider first. You have the choice between a digital, mixer, electric or power shower which all have their very own unique characteristics.

Another thing to consider is the practicality of the shower. This includes the boiler type you have, the water pressure you have in your property, and the amount of people that will be using the water supply at a single time. If you have any doubts, especially about the water pressure, get in contact today and we can figure out what sort of shower will be beneficial to you.

There’s also other shower characteristics that may influence your decision. Some people focus on how the design of the shower fits the bathroom style, whereas others prefer how the water flow feels. These two options boil down to personal preference, so take your time when deciding exactly what it is you want.

How do Power Showers work?

How do power showers work?

A power shower is a good choice if you have a property that has a low water pressure. These types of showers have a built in electric pump which is specifically designed to give you a fully consistent water flow. This means that when other devices that use water are used in your home while the shower is on, the flow of water won’t be affected.

The electrical pumps main job is to increase the pressure of the water. The result of this means that any water that leaves the shower nozzle travels faster, as well as having a stronger force. Power showers have a hot and cold water feed, so you are able to change the temperature and the speed to a rate which you prefer.

Why choose a power shower?

Why choose a power shower?

If you do choose to have a power shower installed, you will be sure to have a brilliant washing experience every time it’s used. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply a quick shower before work, or you have a longer shower before you go on a night out, the increase in force makes for a great experience everytime.

As power showers are a popular choice for a lot of households, there is a variety of different designs to choose from. You can choose a design that gives your bathroom an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. When you create a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing to look at, your property will definitely benefit from a homely feel.

Even though the majority of power showers use the latest in technology, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the choice of having a traditional styled bathroom. The variety in design means that there are power showers that look ornate and stylish. Having a bathroom that looks retro but actually has modern features has become a popular trend in recent years.

Some people may prefer a modern styled bathroom, which isn’t a problem at all. If you would prefer a design that is different from what you have in a classic bathroom then you have plenty of options. A popular choice is a power shower that has a concealed shower head, giving it a unique aesthetic.

Another modern shower design that is quite popular is when the shower head actually hangs from the ceiling. This is instead of it being attached to a fixed arm on the wall. Whilst this has no effect on how the actual shower runs, but it does drastically change the aesthetically style of the bathroom.

If you have a bathroom that doesn’t offer the best in space, a power shower may be one of the best choices you can make. A power shower which has a flexible hose can be essential for a space like this as they don’t take up much space. They can also be moved both up and down on a bar, so if you have numerous people that will be using this shower, it can be moved to a suitable height.

Something to note is that a power shower uses a lot more water than a standard shower. This may not be a problem for certain people, but if you are on a water meter you would have to be careful with how long you actually use it for.

Another thing to consider before you have a power shower installation is that they aren’t always suitable for certain water supplies. It’s only possible to install them with a low pressure tank fed system because they require a gravity fed water to be pumped through to increase the water pressure.

Just how powerful is a standard power shower? They can be so powerful that a standard power shower that is put onto its maximum setting for about 10 minutes can fill a bath. If a lot of people are using a shower after each other, hot water can run out quite quickly.

As a power shower creates a powerful stream of water, it’s key to take care. The majority of shower spaces are actually created to deal with power showers, but there are a few things you should consider first. Simply having a bath shower screen or even a shower curtain will stop any splashed water from leaving your showering area.

Here at Conwy Valley Plumbing, we are able to install power showers into your property, as well as many other shower designs. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, so you are guaranteed a good quality service and a finished bathroom that you can be proud of.

A power shower can be the perfect addition to any property, creating a bathroom space that anyone can feel comfortable with. As there is a variety of design choices that can be suited for you in particular, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a high quality shower that will provide a good service each and every time.

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