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Warm Front: Everything you need to know about free boiler replacements

Warm Front- Everything you need to know about free boiler replacements

An inefficient boiler can can add up to £300 per year to your energy bills. As well as harming your finances, they also cause massive amounts of damage to the environment. Replacing a boiler can be expensive, so to solve the problem the Government has introduced a series of grants through the Energy Companies Obligation scheme. This scheme is funded by major energy suppliers and its aim is to replace old boilers in households which meet certain criteria.

The cost of purchasing and installing a new boiler can be more than £2,000. The grants on offer will cover the entire cost of replacing your home’s old boiler. To qualify, you must either own your home or be a tenant living in private rented accommodation and receive certain types of government benefits. The full list of benefits can be viewed here.

Currently, the only type of boiler eligible for free replacements are gas fired. This will then be swapped for a Grade A condensing model. These models have an efficiency percentage of above 90%.

To find out if you could benefit from a grant, you must submit your details. This will then be followed up by a visit from a expert Home Energy Assessor who will survey your home. The entire process usually takes between three and four weeks, from initial application to boiler installation.

Cavity wall and loft insulation is also included in the range of ECO grants. Having your walls and ceiling insulated can cut a huge amount from the price of heating your home. This is because the majority of heat in your home escapes through your walls and roof.

Cavity insulation fills the gaps between the bricks in your walls. If your home is more than a decade old, then the odds are it will be insufficiently insulated. This is often the case with your loft as well. Heat rises, so if your loft isn’t insulated with at least 270mm of material, then up to a quarter of your homes heat could be escaping through it.

When proper insulation is combined with a new efficient boiler, the savings made on heating your home can be huge. These savings will help you to save money year on year. These benefits can be taken advantage of for free.

Will you be taking advantage of the Governments new ECO grants? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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